Maintenance Technician II

Job Details

Maintenance Technician II


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Duties and Responsibilities

Software Development and Maintenance:

Participates in all phases of the agile software development life cycle: analysis, design, code, debug, document, implement, maintain, and test

Facilitates meetings with stakeholders to identify project scope, business requirements and technical specifications with the ability to help translate the business requirements to proper technical requirements

Designs, develops, and implements database solutions based upon business requirements
Evaluates alternate, innovative solutions to business problems including the use of commercially available software where available

Develops programming standards that will be utilized in the environment
Works closely with other Information Technology team members to resolve issues related to in-house applications and provide support for the company’s mission critical systems (custom or 3rd party)
Keeps stakeholders informed of the progress of the assigned projects by providing status updates and time estimates for project deliverables

Develops documentation for end users and the IT support staff