Welcome to CounterBalance! We specialize in a range of countertop brackets, cabinetry support brackets, floating shelf support brackets, knee-wall supports, and much more. CounterBalance brackets make it easy to configure and mount countertops and cabinets for a variety of applications. Check out our full range of versatile brackets that will allow you to achieve that floating countertop look and permanently do away with corbels and visible brackets.

Why CounterBalance?

CounterBalance is the premier solution for countertop, half-wall, shelving, and vanity supports. We take pride in our products, and guarantee them to be sturdy, safe, and non-intrusive in your home design. We are in the business of keeping you and your family safe and happy in your home; trust our products to keep your projects on track, on budget, and yielding beautiful results!

Our Highlighted Products

CounterBalance is proud to offer a huge variety of high-quality products to enhance and stabilize your home renovation projects. From half-wall supports to floating countertop support brackets, we are committed to making your home safe for many years to come. Our products are easy to install and provide the professional finishes that add equity and appeal to your home.