CounterBalance® Stainless Steel CounterPlate (9.75" x 3.75")


The CounterBalance® CounterPlate is a low-profile countertop support bracket that provides a clean, floating look for your kitchen countertop. Designed to be installed into a 2x4 frame the CounterPlate supports up to a 13" overhang and eliminates the need for fussy, old-fashioned corbels that are a frequent cause of banged knees and bumped toddler heads.

• Low-profile, countertop support plates provide a clean, floating look for your kitchen countertop
• Hot rolled, 7 gauge steel with black powder-coated finish for strength and durability -tested up to 500 lbs
• Mounts on top of half walls to support extended countertop overhangs for breakfast bar style applications
• These countertop support bracket support up to a 13˝ overhang — countertop can extend 6" beyond the support
• CounterPlates for bar tops mounted on half walls — supports should be placed every 16˝ to 20˝
• Router Guide available for easy installation
• Dimensions: 9.75˝ x 3.75˝ x .1875˝
• Stainless steel, not powdercoated.

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