CounterBalance® Hybrid Bracket


The CounterBalance® Hybrid Bracket is an invisible countertop support bracket designed for floating countertops and bar tops. The Hybrid Bracket may be installed either behind your drywall or on top of your drywall by mounting directly into your load-bearing studs. Each Hybrid Bracket is designed to support your countertop overhang 6" past its length and is available in Black or White.

Great for applications where your drywall is already finished! Looking for a Less Bulky Countertop Support? The Hybrid Bracket (1") is the best choice. Please just reference the Load Limit sheet in our Product Download area below.

• Available in a 1” and 1.5” version in Black and White
• Available with 12˝, 18˝ , and 24˝ support arms
• Low-profile brackets provide a clean, “floating” look for your countertop or bar top
• Hot rolled 1/8˝ steel with powder-coated finish for strength and durability
• Surface Mount or Concealed Mount installation options
• Load limit range of 1,800 lbs. to 7,960 lbs. per pair
• Countertop can extend up to 6˝ beyond the support
• Finishing caps provided
• These countertop support brackets should be placed every 16˝ to 20˝

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