CounterBalance® Heavy Duty Hybrid Bracket


Heavy Duty Hybrid bracket are another new addition to our CounterBalance line.  Similar to the regular Hybrid brackets these are wider and are heavy duty.   They can be installed as either a flush mount or a floating bracket ( another name for concealed)   To install is done by ripping a 2 x 4 and mounting to a stud.  The  bracket is mounted to a recessed ripped 2 x 4 and drywall is installed over to complete the floating bracket.  Extremely strong support for workstations and vanities.

  • Available with 18" or 24" support arm
  • 18" tall x 18" projection x 3" wide and 18" tall x 24"  projection x 3" wide
  • 1700 lbs./pr 18" ,  1350 lbs. /pr 24"
  • Recommended double stud for bracket attachment
  • Brackets available in black and white powder coat
  • Finishing caps provided
  •  Packed:  2 Per Box
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